Essen + Prost!

Harvest Haus is a unique opportunity to experience the finest bounty of the year. Farmers, brewers, vintners, chefs and entertainers are at their best – breathing life into what has become one of the most popular traditional festivals on the planet.

Here is what you can expect from the ingredients, the fermentations, the brews and authentic European foods.

Bürgermeister HARVEST SPREAD

The Bürgermeister Spread, created by Executive Chef Brett Turner of Cocktails and Canapés Catering and Events, is an elevated VIP ticketed experience at Harvest Haus. With the Bürgermeister VIP ticket, you will get access to a premium banquet of harvest bounty using local ingredients from Sole Foods served Oktoberfest long table style. This elevated experience will also provide Bürgermeister ticket holders access to beer samplings not available in the Harvest Haus Halle areas.

For the food-focused, cuisine lover this experience within Harvest Haus Halle is not to be missed.


All attendees will have access to authentic European food stalls in the Marktplatz serving traditional Oktoberfest fare including pretzel, sausage, sauerkraut and schnitzel. There will be surprise additions and for those with a penchant for the sweet, watch out for the traditional chocolatier!

Marktplatz vendors will include:

  • Rotisserie by Old German:
    Although the stein of beer may be the star of Oktoberfest, the rotisserie-grilled pork hock (Schweinshaxn) and chicken (Gockeln) are a close second. One of the most well-renowned dishes in Bavaria, the pork hocks and chicken are grilled side by side to a perfect crispy golden brown – juicy and tender inside. Old German’s mission it to bring you a culinary experience that will make you feel like you are in Munich at Oktoberfest.
  • Bratwurst by Oyama Sausage Co.
  • Baked Goods by Pretzels are a traditional German Bakery item - it's unique shape and flavor is recognized worldwide. In Germany the Pretzel is the official trade-symbol for Bakers and their stores. The Applestrudel is a traditional pastry rooted in Austria (Vienna) and is very popular in the south of Germany. Made with unleavened dough rolled out to very thin layer, it is filled with fresh cut apples and cinnamon then the dough is tightly rolled to create many layers of this tasteful treat and baked.
  • Nudelhaus by W Company
  • German Style Poutines by Cocktails and Canapes:
    A Bavarian twist on a Canadian favorite - Kennebec French fries smothers in cheese curds and mustard spiced gravy topped with pickled cabbage aioli. Add in some pork schnitzel for the ultimate Harvest Haus poutine experience. Vegetarian gravy available upon request and all gravies are gluten-free!


Harvest Haus will showcase a variety of European and European-inspired draught bier. Selections will include:


Harvest Haus celebrates all fermented libations, and wine has always played a large part in autumn festivals. Watch for information coming soon on wine selections in the Harvest Haus Halle.