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Das Kinsvolk are the kindred spirits united under a banner of culture, inspired to promote experiences of global significance and generate happiness by bringing people together to celebrate over food, drink and common bonds.



Wet Ape Productions - Owner/Operator

Scott founded Wet Ape Productions in 2007 and oversees the sales, marketing, and business development for the company. He has a background IN mechanical engineering and used to play professional volleyball. He has a strong passion for sports and music and loves creating exciting event experiences.

Jens Marquardt

CanThrill Events - Event Specialist

Jens moved from Germany to Vancouver almost 10 years ago. Since then, his passion has been creating European influenced nightlife and entertainment programs for the city.

Brett Turner

Cocktails & Canapés - Owner | Culinary & Event Visionary

Brett started his career as the Corporate Trainer for Moxie’s at the young age of 18.  There he discovered his passion and talent for culinary arts, which inspired him to attend the Dubrulle Culinary Academy in Burnaby. Brett’s culinary ingenuity was then recognized by the Blueprint Entertainment Group where he became the Executive Chef overseeing the group’s many pubs and restaurants.  At this time he also joined Dax Droski to become Executive Chef and Managing Partner in Cocktails & Canapés Catering + Events.  

Ben Czegeny

High On Life Inc. - Chief Technical Officer & Managing Partner

A renaissance man at heart, holding titles such as: General Manager, Training Specialist, Photographer, Sound Technician, Chief Technical Officer, Web Developer and Event Coordinator to name a few. Ben seeks out new challenges and embraces them with the the High On Life motto: "If you can, you should."

Ben Brown Bentley

Twisted Productions - Talent Buyer / Director of Operations

An engineer by trade, Ben fell into the music business 6 years ago and hasn't looked back since. Loves everything music, travel and food related.                                

Clarence Casillan

Flashback Nights - Night Life Producer

Clarence is a staple in Vancouver's night life.  Currently a co-GM at Aura Night Club, Clarence has also produced shows under the Flashback banner for such acts ranging from 112 to Warren G and many more!  If you see Clarence, be ready for a great night and amazing service whether he is running the joint or just there to have a good time.

Kelly Shepherd

Wet Ape Productions - Entertainment Director

Kelly was born and raised in the Valley and has been a mainstay in the Kelowna events scene for over 13 years. Completing post-secondary education in audio engineering, her main focus and passion lies in the development of music and sports related events. Kelly has been working with Wet Ape since its inauguration in 2007, with Volleyfest.

Tyler Tronnes

Owner/Operator - Avenue Bar & Beverage Services

Tyler has been working in the service industry for 15+ years from bartender to bar owner. His passion for the industry was sparked in the form of competitive flair bartending on an international level 12 years ago. He now owns and operates Avenue Bar & Beverage Services which provides professional alcohol service/management to everything from weddings to major festivals such as Center of Gravity and Keloha in Kelowna, BC.

Jerin Mece

JAM Packed Productions - Managing Partner 

Jerin founded JAM Packed Productions Inc. in 2007 which has produced over 100 events since then. He is known for his high energy, his commitment to his events and his loyalty to his clients. In the past decade Jerin has been in event management roles in both the nightlife industry working for BLUEPRINT & DONNELLY and in the post secondary sector working for UBC & DOUGLAS COLLEGE.

Jordan Kallman

The Social Concierge - Partner

Jordan has been known to throw a great party. An obsessive problem solver, building solutions through collaboration and co-creation is Jordan’s forté. A Partner in the experiential branding and events agency The Social Concierge, known for executing accessible premium boundary pushing creative programs for guests and clients.

Tyson Villeneuve

The Social Concierge - Partner

Tyson Villeneuve is an innovator and a communicator. He has always been at the forefront of social trends yet maintains a strong grasp of the greater perspective. Currently a Partner in the experiential branding and events agency The Social Concierge, known for executing accessible premium boundary pushing creative programs for guests and clients.

Dax Droski

Cocktails & Canapés - Owner | Culinary & Event Visionary

Dax holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Capilano University and is the founder of two highly profitable Vancouver businesses.In 2012, Dax founded Cocktails & Canapés Catering + Events and also founded the Deighton Cup Weekend and is still majority shareholder of this annual, highly esteemed event. His passion for wine and food inspired him to travel the world in search of the absolute best dining experiences, which he now incorporates with glowing enthusiasm into his Vancouver projects.

Ryker Gamble

High On Life Inc. - Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Partner

Resident Vancouver DJ and YouTube personality, Ryker has spent the last few years inspiring people to experience all life has to offer. He constantly chases larger than life experiences that give you what he and his colleagues have coined as feeling: "High On Life".                                                

Alvi Martin

Twisted Productions - Marketing & Customer Service Manager

Alvi Martin has enjoyed working in Vancouver's events industry for the last five years. During this time, her passions for marketing and psychology led her to complete her BCom at the Sauder School of Business. When she's not working, you'll find her spending time with her family and bunnies.


Flashback Nights - Night Life Producer

Mark Rasta is a club night and concert producer with a decade in the trenches of the Vancouver night life scene. He has produced shows for musical acts ranging from Armin Van Buuren and Brian McKnight, to comedians like Charlie Murphy and Brian Redban and live acts like the Jabbawcokeez and many more.  Also notable, Mark produces the longest running Long Weekend in Vancouver's history Entice, currently at Aura Night Club and Flashback nights for the very best in old skool concerts at Harbour Event Centre.

Pyper Geddes

Wet Ape Productions - Entertainment & Promotions Manager

Driven by a passion for live music, Pyper has developed her career in the events industry in Kelowna working at a live music and special event venue, acting as an on-camera personality for the PEAK Performance Project, Keloha and Center of Gravity and now working with Wet Ape on summer festivals and a number of events throughout the year.

Oleg Galyuk

Crew Entertainment - Owner/Operator

Oleg Galyuk founded Crew Entertainment in 2012. Best described in 2 words – “go getter”. Originally from Ukraine Oleg quickly fell in love with Vancouver. The romance with Vancouver was an inspiration to many of Crew Entertainment’s events. Currently Crew is organizing Friday nights at Joseph Richards Nightclub as well as long weekend parties at Aura Nightclub."

Kate MacDougall

Camber Communications - Principal 

A PR pro with communications experience ranging boutique agency service to high level corporate counsel, Kate has successfully conceived, led and executed custom communication strategies for a multitude of brands. In doing so, she has developed solid relationships with an extensive network of key media and public influencers and built a reputation for exceptional and insightful work.




Wet Ape was established in 2007 for the purpose of creating and developing unique sport, music, and cultural events across Western Canada. The vision of Wet Ape is to ‘create people’s favorite moments’ and the mission is to enrich people’s lives by creating innovative experiences that are exceptionally executed.



The Social Concierge is a boutique branding and marketing agency that specializes in consistently delivering unique, premium solutions to a select range of experientially-focused clients. With a growing range of signature in-house events, The Social Concierge are also proud purveyors of fine culture.



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